Careful sourcing

At IVIO SERVICES we sell and service a broad spectrum of medical supplies. We have an extensive range of premium suppliers from Europe and beyond.

IVIO SERVICES sourcing teams always seek only the highest quality products, in order to satisfy our clients. This means that each and every product we sell undergoes a number of checks, before it is sourced. This way our customers can be sure that purchasing anything from IVIO SERVICES is a good and safe decision.

We have done all the research so that our customers can simply purchase what they like, without worrying about anything else.

Only the finest suppliers

IVIO SERVICES works only with the best and brightest brands on the market.

Some of our core suppliers include:

Premium after-sales services

IVIO SERVICES’ professional teams of technicians are always ready when you need them. They take care of our customers throughout the whole lifecycle of the product. From installation, through regular maintenance checks and every time you need them.

Our core product types are:

Full catalogue of our products is available upon request.
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